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Scrub hats, or scrub caps, have migrated from a purely functional to a personalized accessory both in the operating room as well throughout all medical facilities. Before the hygiene focus of the 1940's, scrub hats were not considered essential to surgery. In the 1940's and 50's, as an antiseptic focus swept the industry, scrub caps became standard items to help protect patients from germs in hair. Full-face hats were even designed for men with beards.

In the medical fashion world, the 'revolution' of the 1970's, an increasing number of medical professionals began personalizing their scrubs by either sewing their own hats or buying pre-made scrub hats made of fabric with different patterns. Several styles became popular, including the 'bouffant' scrub hat, a utilitarian hairnet-like hat, and the 'milkmaid', bonnet-style tie back wrap-around scrub cap. Today, Tafford Uniforms offers scrub caps in both bouffant and tie back styles across 25 colors and an increasing array of fashionable prints and patterns.