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Crest Scrubs

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Crest uniforms and Crest scrubs have been discontinued and are no longer available. Tafford offers a great selection of substitutes for Crest Scrubs. Visit the links above for our industry leading selection of solid scrubs that you will love as much as you loved your Crest nursing scrubs! Choose Tafford Essentials scrubs as your replacement for Crest Scrubs. Here is a handy guide to choose a replacement:

If you liked... ...then choose
Crest Basic Scrub Uniform Pants Tafford NAP520
Crest Unisex Scrub Uniform Top Tafford NAT700
Crest Scrub Tops Tafford Essentials Tops
Crest Uniforms Scrub Pants Tafford Essentials Pants
Crest Scrubs Lab Coats Tafford Lab Coats
We know that Crest Scrubs had many loyal followers that are sad to see the Crest brand discontinued. Fortunately, we hear from Crest uniform lovers every day that tell us that they love Tafford as much as they loved Crest nursing uniforms... most love Tafford even more! Give Tafford a try today!