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Birki's Shoes

Shop Tafford's wide selection of Birki's at value prices:

Birki's was founded in 1993 by Stephan Birkenstock, and Birki's is still part of the Birkenstock family today. Most Birki's shoes feature Birkenstock's famous cork-latex footbed and Birki's also offers professional clogs made of ALPRO(r)-foam with removable, anatomically molded footbeds. You can count on Birki's to deliver fashionable clogs and sandals in a wide variety of colors and styles to compliment every medical uniform.

Birki's represents the highest in quality, innovation, and design and -- like Tafford -- Birki's continually challenges itself to identify even better quality standards. Birki's product development, production, and sales teams work hand in hand to ensure the quality of their clogs and sandals throughout the production process. Utilizing state-of-the art facilities with the highest standards, Birki's produces the best quality shoes available.

Birki's are not only good for your feet, but are also good for the environment. Ecological responsibility is close to Birki's heart and a core aspect of the company. Since its inception, Birki's has remained committed to saving our scarce resources in their manufacturing processes. Most Birki'sfootbeds are made of a cork-latex mixture made from the purest, high-quality cork. Many painstaking steps are taken to harvest the raw material from the Portuguese cork-oak tree is done by hand to ensure that care is given to both the precious tree and the premium bark.

Birki's are a great compliment to your Tafford nursing scrubs. Try Birki's clogs today!