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Animal Prints

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Animal print can be a fashion nightmare or the height of style, depending on how you wear it. Even though it may seem as if animal print comes in and out of style every few years, it is always in style and always very glamorous. Find out how to wear it the right way, and what you should wear it with, weather you're a basic kind of girl or into the latest trendy fashion.

Animal prints have come roaring back from the wild onto the fashion scene recently. From handbags and shoes to zebra scrubs and leopard print scrubs, this chic, funky and fun style may be here to stay. Here are some tips to build your animal print wardrobe in style. Despite this season's safari fashion trend, nobody should feel like they have really just completed a safari when spending time with you! This year, you can hunt down every animal print from the classic cheetah and leopard print, to more rare items featuring zebra stripes, giraffe spots, and tiger stripes. However, restrain yourself! Animal print looks best when present only on one or two elements of your outfit. These call-of-the-wild animal prints will create attention everywhere you go, so over doing it will not make you more fashionable. Remember, less can be more, in many cases including trendy animal prints.

When deciding on how to feature your animal print - it doesn't matter which animal print you choose - just make sure that the look is true to yourself. If you have a classic look, pick something like a leopard print scrub jacket with a black scrub top underneath. Keep the rest of your accessories simple because you do not want to overpower the rest of your look. If you feel for more punk-esque, try wearing your animal print with bright colors like hot pink or lime green. When you look for animal printed tops or pants, be sure that you choose either your top or bottom in a solid color, preferably black or beige depending on which part of your body you plan to show off your jungle-style.

Animal prints looks stylish as a compliment to neutrals and solid color-schemes, especially bright white, basic black, coffee bean brown, and sand dune beige, so make sure to follow the lead of the safari and tribal fashion trends to look stylish in your animal print scrubs. Here are no-fail ways to accessorize using animal prints: On your handbag, shoes, a scarf, scrub top shirt or jacket, mittens or muffs. Don't be afraid to let your wild side loose in this year's animal print scrub tops.

The right animal print can look fabulous on anyone. The way you choose to wear it can be as different as you want it to be, as glamorous as you can think of, or it can even be as feisty as you are. It all depends on what you pair with it and how you decide wear it. So go ahead, get in touch with your inner feline with animal prints!

Shop Tafford's collection of animal print scrubs today!