Kovenex EMS Rapid Response Fire Blanket 75" x 57"

Next-generation fire blanket keeps body heat in, searing heat out! The Rapid Response fire blanket is designed for professional rescue teams and first responders. Soft and lightweight enough for a baby to sleep under, tough enough to snuff out a flame. Perfect for police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, and life flight helicopters.
  • "First responders are embracing Kovenex across the board." Why should your department switch to Kovenex blankets? Find out in this 30-second video:

  • Video in Adobe Flash format (requires Adobe Flash Player)First Responders: Watch this video (Flash format) about why the Kovenex Blanket is essential equipment for crash, extrication, fire and other incidents
  • Kovenex Blankets provide true flame resistance, heat-blocking burn protection and superior tear resistance based on N.F.P.A. test methods used in certifying firemen's turnout gear
  • Wrapped around a trapped victim's head and torso, Kovenex Blankets offer a totally new level of protection against open flame, shattered glass particles, sharp metal edges, and even incidental extrication tool contact
  • In a fire emergency, the Kovenex Blanket provides thermal and shock/trauma protection by keeping victim's body heat in and searing heat out
  • Made from a special patented blend of high-performance fibers
  • Thoroughly tested to N.F.P.A. standards
  • Lab testing and field use have proven that the Kovenex Blanket can be counted on to protect victims facing open flame or high-heat environments
  • Soft and light, yet durable and tear-resistant
  • Grommeted for use as a stretcher in emergency situations
  • Bloodborne pathogen-resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Reusable
  • Shake off or vaccuum away glass or debris – they won't snag on Kovenex Blanket's unique surface
  • Fabric blend will not emit toxic fumes when exposed to flames
  • Extinguishes flames by depriving them of oxygen
  • Allows hot vapors to escape through the breathable fabric
  • Fire may discolor the fabric, but the Kovenex Blanket will not burn
  • Blanket measures 75"L x 57"W
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Available with or without storage bag
  • Test Results For 10 Oz. Pyroblanket Fabric:
  • Test 1: Thermal Protective Performance (TPP)
  • What it measures: Heat transfer through the fabric when exposed to conditions constituting an emergency fire-fighting situation. TPP value 2x provides time (in seconds) to second-degree burns
  • Results: This test indicated the Rapid Response Kovenex Blanket was rated at a TPP of 30. When folded or doubled over, it rated an amazing 76. Exposure to the radiant/convective heat source only blackened the Kovenex Blanket's test swatch while the traditional fire retardant wool blanket flamed and melted away
  • Conclusion: The Kovenex Blanket (10 oz.) delivers breakthrough performance in flame resistance and heat blocking vital to rescue and extrication efforts
  • Test 2: Heat and Thermal Shrinkage
  • What it measures: This test measure shinkage and areas of melting and ignition when the product is placed in a 500º F (260º C) chamber for 5 minutes … a sustained high-heat situation
  • Results: The EMS Kovenex Blanket was slightly discolored with minor shrinkage. (The wool blanket smoked heavily, was blackened and virtually disintegrated when removed from the chamber)
  • Conclusion: The Kovenex Blanket (10 oz.) delivers breakthrough performance in flame resistance and heat blocking vital to rescue and extrication efforts
  • Kovenex Blanket products showed no signs of melting or dripping during testing
  • Conclusion: Wool blanket burned furiously. Kovenex Blanket demonstrated superiority by refusing to support flame under any test conditions
  • North Carolina State University Pyro-Man Test:
  • A mannequin equipped with 122 sensors was wrapped in a Kovenex Blanket
  • The mannequin was then subjected to a series of 4-second exposures to flames with temperatures of 1000° F (538° C) in the Pyro-Man chamber
  • Results showed that the EMS Kovenex Blanket reduced projected burn injury to a point where a victim would likely survive these extreme and often fatal conditions
  • Are you a Fire Department applying for a Fire Prevention & Grant (FP&S) from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)? If so, you should request funding for Kovenex Blankets for your department and your community!
  • Requesting Kovenex Blankets will make your FP&S application stand out to the application reviewers
  • Kovenex Blankets are also available for nurseries, kitchens and businesses, making this a perfect product for community fire safety programs
  • Contact CHIEF Grants today for free help in adding Kovenex Blanket to your Fire Prevention & Safety Grant program application
  • Visit CHIEF Grants for more information on FP&S »

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Kovenex EMS Rapid Response Fire Blanket 75" x 57"

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