ASP Combo Case for 16in/21in Baton or Triad Flashlight and Handcuffs

Linear and Lateral Mobility

ASP Chain Handcuffs provide a major advance in both the design and construction of wrist restraints. Frame geometry is the result of extensive computer modeling and simulation analysis. Strength potential has been maximized through use of an interlocking, unitized frame. The cuff structure is forged from high strength stainless steel on custom built, high speed, progressive dies.Each restraint is then over molded with ordnance grade polymer under 75tons of pressure. The Lock Assembly is unitized and replaceable.

Chain Handcuff Series

ASP Chain Handcuffs were designed in the field. Input came from officer sand instructors in over 80 nations where ASP currently conduct straining. As a result, this ASP design incorporates the practical features most requested by officers on the street. A stainless steel handcuff that weighs less than standard designs. Chain cuffs are flexible and more easily applied during a confrontation. A flat contact bow improves application. Complex keyhole up training procedures are no longer necessary. There is a key way and double lock slot on each side of each restraint. A double lock warning bar is readily visible. Both double and single locks are released by turning the key in a single direction.The frame geometry, deep set teeth and precision smooth action eliminate the need for back-loading. Lock Assemblies are readily replaced.

  • Styles:
  • Black
  • Ballistic Nylon

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ASP Combo Case for 16in/21in Baton or Triad Flashlight and Handcuffs

Item #: ASP3563X
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    • Geeat piece of gear!  –  Review by , posted on
      I bought this over a year ago & love it! I work in a sex offender treatment facility- not prison but maximum security, & I carry cuffs & XL50 Mag light every day. Perfect for my job, would tell anyone in my type of profession to consider this product.
    • Cuff and ASP Case  –  Review by , posted on
      If you are in corrections or private security where you don't carry a sidearm then this item is for you,
      **Skip to the cons if you are left-handed.**


      The fact that both the asp and baton are on display in plain view is an excellent deterrent. There is a hida hand cuff case on the back of the pouch (standard base model key). My S&W cuffs fit in it perfectly...some advertisements tell you only asp cuffs work for it but both my hinges (pearless) and my chains (S&W) fit well.
      Snap for the Cuffs - I was a little hesitant to use a snap for the cuffs as I am in Canada and fear that with snow and ice the snaps may rust and freeze on me causing deployment issues, but so far quick withdrawl of the cuffs.

      If you are left handed or favour left handed for the ASP and cuffs then don't get this pouch.. It was designed for right handed people....although if you have your sidearm on your right side along with the asp/cuff pouch you might feel a little lop sided and this pouch seems to work best when it sits on your hip (the usual location for your gun) where the seam for the front/back pants are. Also keep in mind the weight issue....if you are adding a gun plus cuffs, and a baton in one geophraphical spot it may become hard on the back and spinal cord.

      Break-in-time - out of the box and onto the street - not a great idea...sorta like a pair of work boots you need to break this item in. I have the standard 21 inch ASP baton foam handle and the baton is almost locked into place when you have it holstered. If you are in a cituation and need to draw your asp well it may actually fail on you because the band that holds it in place is too snug at first. Break it in....although this is sort of a safety mechanism which reducses the chance of thugs from trying to take it out of your holster similar to many gun holsters. You almost need to turn it then lift it straight up to remove it from the holster prior to deploying your baton. Practice this a lot prior to going out on the streets with it...I think I worked on the removal of my baton from the holster for about 1 week or so before I added it my belt for real street work.
      I wish there was a picture of the pack part of the holster as the loops that you feed your belt through are held together by snaps (similar to the one on the handcuffs). If your belt is more then 2" thick you will not want to purchase this item as the fit will be to snugh. You do need to patient to strech the material and really press down hard on the snaps so they don't relase on you making it difficult to remove your retractable baton.

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