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tactical gloves

Law enforcement, military, fire fighters, and outdoor enthusiast all stand to benefit from the improved performance gained with the use of our glove selection. Whether it's to gain a tactical advantage or enjoy better hand protection, our quality brands like Blackhawk, 5.11 Tactical, Damascus, Shelby Specialty Gloves, Oakley, Ringers and Under Armour will get the job done.

Gloves are an integral part of any law enforcement officer’s or firefighter’s wardrobe. CHIEF has a huge selection of specialty gloves including tactical gloves, precision shooting gloves, combat gloves and extrication gloves. We have you covered, by offering gloves from top brands including Hatch, Ringers Gloves, BLACKHAWK, and 5.11 Tactical, just to name a few. 

Our fire gloves are heat-resistant and are sure to protect your hands under even the most extreme conditions. When fighting fires or reacting in intense, life or death situations, your hands are the last things on your mind. Stay protected with proven brands like American Firewear and Shelby Gloves.


Name-brand gloves offered at some of the lowest prices, you will surely find everything you need at an affordable price. With the help of CHIEF, you will be able to carry out the rigorous demands of your job with ease and safety.


Search from our selection of top quality gloves, appropriate for anyone working in an outdoor, demanding industry or simply needing the best duty gloves or rescue gloves.