Brite-Strike LED Reflective Traffic Safety Gloves With Active Illumination

Keeping Cops and Emergency Workers Safe is Everyones Job

The rash of police officers and state troopers getting hit has reached catastrophic proportions this summer getting the attention of the all of the news media. From 2000 through 2009 154 officers were killed by a motorist when standing on the side of the road or directing traffic. This accounts for one quarter of all deaths in the line of duty.

In the past six weeks a Mass. State Trooper and a Shelton Ct. Officer have lost their lives to add to this tragic statistic.

The basic problem is that drivers today are inattentive due to texting, blaring their vehicles 12 speaker audio system and talking on the cell phone. I have actually seen a guy in an Audi talking on his cell phone (not hands free) and texting on his Blackberry in the other hand.


Here is what has to be done:
1. Add a second set of blinking lights in the back dash of police cruisers and emergency vehicles with a yellow arrow directing motorists away from the officer or public safety worker. The new LED light bars are so bright that motorists become mesmerized and never see the officer standing next to it or in the middle of the street.

2. Use Active Illumination Traffic Gloves, with LED strips that blink to catch an inattentive drivers attention. The Red Stop sign palm and green backhand are universal for stop/go. Most people obey the law and would be happy to comply with what a police officer wants them to do. This new technology is simple and cheap but highly effective at night. White gloves work OK in the day time but at night are worthless, and the orange cones that fit over a duty flashlight only confuse things more. I was directing traffic on a night time traffic detail a few years ago with a Lt. who was waving his flashlight with an orange traffic cone back and forth rapidly, yelling at the cars Dont you know what this means! (Waving his orange cone at them). I remember telling him, Aw Hell Lt. I am standing right next to you, and I have no idea what it means.

3. Everyone that drives has to change their attitude about inattentive driving. This might be hard but in the last 20 years I have seen profound behavior changes in attitudes about smoking, drinking and driving, and most recently going green. I remember sitting in a meeting with most everyone around me smoking and as a non smoker if you complained you were the jerk. Can you believe that in 2010 you cannot smoke in a French Caf or pub in Ireland? Before Dick Shire and his wife started MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, you simply gave a person that was inebriated a ride home. If a young police officer arrested the guy, you would be chastised by the older officers. Six years ago Al Gore was considered on the fringe for his views on global warming; now he is a Nobel Prize winner and hero. All this in the last 20 years!

4. Simplify the Drunk Driving laws and the reporting requirements for police. In these tough economic times with budget cuts, many police departments are running light, an officer is reluctant to make an OUI arrest unless it is blatant as the arrest and report will take him off the road for the rest of the shift. Tying an officer up with unnecessary paper work for an OUI, leaves the other officers at risk.

5. Put some teeth behind the Move Over Law; funding for specific shifts by state and local police to enforce this important law. Remember it applies to all emergency vehicles not just police.

6. Start respecting what emergency personal are doing. They do a tough job many times at night and in rain or snow to help YOU! It is easy to be critical of a police officer on a traffic detail but they are there for your safety. If you think it is easy or fun, you need to try it. In fact I propose that anyone found guilty of violating the Move Over Law, be required to stand next to a trooper or police officer for an 8 hour shift at night in the rain or snow, wearing a reflective vest that says VIOLATOR.

We are all part of the problem and must all be part of the solution! Lets agree that we CAN Change and here is what I propose to get started:

Start a non-profit corporation dedicated to creating awareness and gain public support for the Move Over Law and Public Worker Safety.

Start a Scarlett Letter website where anyone can post the license plate and type of vehicle and where and when they witness a Move over Law infraction. This has worked since colonial times and recently when tax scofflaws had their names published, they paid up fast .I have already told you about the Violator traffic vest.

Many people do not know about the law or really understand it, so I propose that for the first offense a written or verbal warning is sufficient, but they be handed a picture of a public safety worker with his family that has lost his or her life because of an inattentive driver. They must display this picture on their dashboard for thirty days. If they get stopped for any subsequent violation, and the picture is not on display, the full fine is applied.

Use the Amber Alert signs that are already in place to remind motorists about the Move Over Law, when not in use for an Amber alert.

One of the great things about Americans is that we can accomplish amazing things if we decide we have had enough and want to solve the problem.

  • Can be seen from up to 1/4 mile.
  • Operation time "up to" 35 hours.
  • Modes: On / Fast Strobe / Slow Strobe / Off
  • Operate with one or two LEDs on/off
  • Glove is stretch mesh
  • 3 sizes:M, L, XL

Includes 8 light strips, 4 Red and 4 Green

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Brite-Strike LED Reflective Traffic Safety Gloves With Active Illumination

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Brite-Strike police lights Brite-Strike LED Police Lights, Military lights & Tactical Lights Two police officers started Brite-Strike Technologies Inc. because they were not satisfied with what the "top makers" of tactical lights offered for the needs of police officers. Brite-Strike designs all their Professional Tactical LED lights for the needs of police officers and SWAT teams. They have designed lights that could meet real-world standards for ease of operation that never requires two hands to operate a tactical light. Shop Brite Strike police lights, tactical LED flashlights, and military lights for low prices at Chief Supply today!
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